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Nick Bultman Art

Supernova - Art Print

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Art print of original painting, titled “Supernova”, by Nick Bultman. 

Signed, numbered limited edition print of 25, fine art gicleè print on 4/0 archival paper, matte finish and sprayed to seal.

Ultra-high resolution image of original artwork captured in professional studio and color-matched to original work. 

Each print comes with corresponding numbered and signed COA.

Artist signature defaulted to backside (no matting) or front side (if matting).

Intentionally sized for standard picture frames.


Optional matting (if left blank, your print will default to no matting):

Matting: Some customers prefer a blank margin (matting) for picture frame overhang and to have a spot to grab to prevent fingerprints on the printed surface. The drawback is that the printed image is slightly scaled down in size

To request matting:

1) select your preferred size.

2) add to cart.

3) view cart.

4) enter matting size (in inches).
*Note that each print size has a different matting option.



Fine art gicleè rolled tube, ink protected by glassine construction paper.


*picture frames not included.

**please note some images are digitally transposed and therefor do not reflect genuine lighting conditions.


Acrylic on canvas


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International shipment incurs 25% handling fee

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Arbitrary D.

Print is super high quality to the point you can see canvas bumps and underlying paints

Geoff S.

This is one of my favourite pieces to date. The colours are dramatic and they draw you into several different dimensions within the piece the longer you look at it. Changing the light hue also changes the piece and you really can't stare at it too long. One of a few I've ordered multiples of as it has been admired by other's and makes a fantastic gift.