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The painting looks very good and the pictures on the website do not meet the quality and beauty of the real print.
Beautiful painting

Stunning work

Incredible and constantly complimented on this piece.

Beautiful Print, Extremely Fast Shipping!

The canvas print looked even better in person. After hanging it up on my wall, I want to purchase another one! 5/5

Top Notch Product and Communication

This is my second of three prints I've purchased from Nick. They're printed on high quality product and look absolutely amazing. To top that off, he personally texts you to let you know when your order is ready and if there's any updates regarding shipping. If you're hesitating on buying a piece from him, here's your sign to do it!

Top notch

The print is in excellent colouring and even the company which is doing the frame is impressed. What a beauty!

Another amazing art work

I love the blue and black playing around the central yellow "sun". Feel like something I could find out in space.

Tantrum - Art Print
Arbitrary D.
Amazing Art

This is the piece that I feel in love with and really attached me to Nick art.

Anomaly Zero

This piece is sooo sick. I love all Nick’s work and was happy to snag a 30x40 for my house. The colors and the intricacy are incredible. It really ties the room together!

Anomaly Zero - Art Print

It was an amazing gift for my bf for Christmas. And specialized it and very good communication with the order and tracking number. I can’t wait to order more painting prints.

Tantrum - Art Print

not perfect… bad customer service

- not good packaged
- no impact protection
- rolled up to an angle
- bad customer service, because we had a conversation on instagram, but after I told them the problems with the package, nobody answered anymore

Hi Knut,

We have worked this matter out privately so I wanted to reply directly here as a public facing review until your claim is settled. Firstly, thank you for the honest feedback about the packaging and my lack of engagement with you during the holidays. I definitely could have been better about acknowledging your Instagram DM. As far as the packaging goes, I have since communicated this packaging concern with the print shop and we have determined it's very likely customs opened up your package during international transit. This is because we package our prints the same way every time and do not run into corner bending issues other than a few international orders. There are some DIY fixes for this which I have provided, but I understand that is not preferred. I have since provided a 50% refund which you have agreed to, and I apologize your experience with my prints was not perfect. I hope to work with you in the future.



absolutely LOVE it. colors are vibrant, the texture still come through on the print as it would on canvas. great communication from nick. would absolutely recommend.
would love to buy more pieces in the future

Simply Brilliant

The only thing that could make me love this piece more is having the original. I fall in love again every time I pass the wall on which it hangs. All of Nick Bultman’s stylish art is engrossing but the depth, context, and color palate / tone of Hypergenesis is just stunning.

Fantastic Print!

I absolutely love this print! Very high quality and Nick had great communication throughout the order by giving me updates on printing and shipping.


Print is super high quality to the point you can see canvas bumps and underlying paints


I'm quite certain I'm not the only one that sees a blade when looking at Tantrum. I told Nick it has the look and feel of something being sliced. Separated. But somehow the red isn't violent. Such a unique piece with an ever changing attitude which seems dependent on mine. A great addition to my collection and one you'll be glad you have as well.


Amazing! Incredible! Epic! All appropriate adjectives for Leviathan. Absolutely love this piece and the monochromatic texture adds so many layers and interpretations. This one is not only one of my favourites, it has become the centerpiece for a friend of mine. She has a three piece wall with Leviathan flanked by Equinox and Supernova.


This is one of my favourite pieces to date. The colours are dramatic and they draw you into several different dimensions within the piece the longer you look at it. Changing the light hue also changes the piece and you really can't stare at it too long. One of a few I've ordered multiples of as it has been admired by other's and makes a fantastic gift.




This limited run of 25 had me refreshing the site more times than I'd care to admit. As an avid fan following Nick on IG as well as being a subscriber, I knew this one was coming and knew it'd be a small batch. I wanted the first one off the press and as luck would have it, my nearly constant clicking the refresh button paid off. I'm beyond thrilled with this piece and the colouring is absolutely stunning. If you've been vacillating, I'd suggest you stop doing that and promptly add this piece to your collection.


It means the world to have a piece from one of my favorite artists hanging in my place! Huge inspiration! He wasted no time reaching out in reference to my order and his responses were timely. Very professional. I’d definitely shop with him again!

Giving the Gift of Art

I purchased this piece as a housewarming gift after it grabbed my attention. Everything about it aligns with the recipient’s personality. Letting go of it was difficult though, because the longer I looked at it, the more depth was revealed. If wall space weren’t an issue, I would have swapped out the gift with a houseplant.

Max W.
Very good!

The original looks sick and the printing is also very nice. As I see the print maybe I shouldn’t have cheaped out and should have bought the gold version of the Gucci slide. Looks a bit better but I’m very satisfied with the two canvases I got. Shipping from Nick’s side was super fast and the frames where well packaged even for the roughest environment. UPS wasn’t the best for delivering it but it is what it is. For sure this wasn’t the last order I will take here.

Geoff S.

This original canvas is the jewel of my Nick Bultman collection. To date, at least. This one kept beckoning me as I awaited the arrival of my Psionic Premonition print. Psionic Premonition was my first piece and as soon as I unpackaged it I knew I had to have Axioms. I immediately pulled up Nick's site hoping that no one had robbed me of Axioms. It was still available and I immediately purchased it. Only then did I go back to the task at hand and frame/hang Psionic Premonition.

Axioms is an amazing piece and has both a strangeness to it whilst feeling familiar. Fluidity with structure. I have an interpretation of it and yet it often asks me if I'm absolutely certain my interpretation is correct. When people describe art as an animate object that speaks to them, this is what they are referring to.

I look through the past originals I missed out on and yearn for several of them. Very thankful I didn't miss out on Axioms and am thrilled to be a part of the Originals Club.